“Richard came in to work with our Product Design students during the early stage of their design project. He helped them to think creatively and develop strategies for concept generation. The students enjoyed learning a new and alternative approach to creativity. I hope to use Richard again when the students begin to present and communicate their ideas. His skills and experience pitching ideas to clients will again prove invaluable to the students and their development.”

Mark Roberts – Curriculum Director /Design and Technology Q3 Academy

“Richard’s new approaches to developing creativity within the curriculum shows students methods and techniques brought directly from vast industry experience. His new approaches to critical thinking and a fresh way of moving through the creative process gives his tutorials an inspirational quality that students can immediately feed off and develop. He’s also a really nice guy who can make contact with students in an informal but informed way. A pleasure to do creative business with.”

Steve Arrandale- Head of Art Company Q3 academy 

 “Richard has hit the elusive thing that drives us as teachers- that magical moment where a pupil realises that their penny has dropped and they have accessed something new and raised their self-esteem. Nothing like it!”

Tim Harris- – Strategic Director for Discovery Company and Design and Enterprise Specialism- Q3 Academy.

“Richard Allport is a truly amazing visionary. His artwork is inspired and working on projects with him as director is always a delight – he is supportive yet challenging, enthusiastic and driven.

Composing music for his TV and film work makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning eager to see how each new scene unwraps, and whatever score I come up he always manages to trump everything by filling the screen with such richly original, startling images and characters, I can’t wait to work with him again!”

Paul Farrer- BMI Award winning composer for film and television www.paulfarrer.com

“Richard’s communication skills make creative learning fun and intuitive. The two-day workshop he ran at the Alumwell Business and Enterprise Centre was motivational and inspirational for everyone involved, students and teachers alike.”

Rachel Burroughs- Governor to the Department of Achievement and Learning.

Richard’s creative skills would be invaluable learning tools for anyone at any stage in their education or looking to enhance their own career”

Bob Keen – Motion picture director, special effects consultant, CEO of Image FX

“Richard Allport has a contagious enthusiasm for his work and the kind of rapport with young people that will inspire them.  He is a talented artist who approaches his work with meticulous care and attention to detail. I have no doubt he will draw the best out of the students he works with, and show them that they too could have a successful career.”

Emma Clayton- Carnegie Award nominated children’s author

“Richard’s originality and creativity are both inspiring and motivating to teachers and students alike. His creativity is infectious!”

Rebecca Naina- Learning support and creative art coordinator- Hamstead Hall School

“As a music teacher I can clearly see the potential for Richard’s workshops and lesson ideas to reach across the curriculum into many other subjects especially subjects like music”

Zara Burroughs- Music teacher- Wolverhampton Academy

“Richard was a pleasure to work with and a very easy person to work alongside.  He showed a great aptitude for the entire process from the initial creative design stages, through to post production.”

Andy Tucker- Information Technology Head

What do your pupils think?

Feedback from students can show just how effective the Easy Art Pro workshops are. Below is a selection from the “Make me a Monster” workshops and are all genuine, only spelling mistakes have been changed:

“I liked what we did today because it showed that even if you think you can’t draw- you can if you put your mind to it. I really enjoyed the workshops on the computer because it shocked me how you can make art in easy steps.”

“I liked today because it shows if you can’t draw, you draw by scribbling and looking for pictures in the scribbles. Today was wicked!”

“There should be a club for this which opens in holidays where we can get better!”

“I really liked learning with Richard and learning new technology and graphics.”

“I had a great time during the workshop and I discovered that scribbles can turn into masterpieces.”

“I really enjoyed today’s lesson and how we spent a whole day on this brilliant subject.”

“I liked the way Richard explained the things that he was doing and didn’t just rush through it.”

“I loved using the graphics tablet because it was fun, and Richard really helped me to understand.”

“I don’t think you could have made today any better, it was brilliant and I enjoyed every moment, thank you!”

“I really liked what we did today and I would like to do a lot more of it because it was fun and I learned a lot.”

“I loved the slideshow and working on the computers. I would not improve anything about today, it was fab! Also Richard did a great job with us and was very funny as well!”

“I really liked the workshop and presentation because it was fun and I learned a lot.”

“I thought today was great! I loved making the pictures of us into monsters, it was really fun! I also loved scribbling and making pictures from them. Making our faces into monsters was the best!”

Reactions to Q3 Academy’s latest Art Installation “in animi sonus”

“Never in my time at Q3 Academy have I ever seen anything like this, amazing work! I felt an array of emotions from sadness to joy, amazing maturity to vulnerability. I am overwhelmed!”   Sarah Mellors, Deputy Head of Q3 Academy

Other responses from students, parents and other invited guests included:

 “Fantastic emotive experience! It really played with my senses!”


“An amazing, imaginative and creative way to express ideas and feelings, some of the illusions looked so real!”

“It made me realise there are more dimensions to music and images than I had previously thought!”

“A great project…..but very scary in some parts!”

“I enjoyed the atmosphere in the Qube Theatre, the music was amazing and really made you think!”

“It was very scary and really made you think!”

“A very bizarre, interesting a cool presentation of feelings and sounds, I was terrified the second I walked in!”


“The whole installation was incredibly professional in its presentation!”

“The combination of sounds and images was very moving!”

Reactions to Ferndale Primarie’s recent Design me a Dragon workshop:

“WOW! Richard you gave us an amazing day, from start to finish it was great! The optical illusions were my favourite part as I was the one who took part and I like getting my mind muddled. Thank you for a brilliant day, now I like Art even more!”

“It was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me believe in myself and now I actually like Art and feel like I was appreciated for what I did, it was really great!”

“I enjoyed scribbling and making weird faces out our own after we had stretched them on the computer, I had a wonderful day thank you for sharing your ideas with us”

“I extremely enjoyed the day, it was fun and we learned stuff through our imagination”

“I really, really, really enjoyed yesterday. I loved all the amazing things you showed us that we could do as well as you, I want to do this kind of thing more at school”

“I liked every single thing in the Dragon workshop 10000/10000”

“ I thought the workshop was outstanding! I’ve never seen anything like it before, I wish I could do it again!”

“I really liked the mind tricks! I liked how creative Richard was and I wished that we could have made all our designs into one big one, it was amazing!”

“One thing I would change is to do it all again and for even longer!!!”


“Learning Photoshop was awesome, I can’t think of anything I would want to change”

“The best bit of the day was learning how easy it was to use the computer”

“This was the best day at school I have ever had!”

“At first I wasn’t very confident with Art at the start of the day but I am more confident now and I really enjoyed it”

“I thought it was all great and now I like Art a lot more”