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A few people had asked a while ago about lifecasting, or making a mould then casting it, from someones face, hands or even whole body. They also wanted to see some more pictures of the headcast I did at Bentley Chemicals with Rob Price.

Here you go!

Richard Allport andy head cast

 Richard Allprt 2011

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OOMPH! Festival

The Oomph Festival is on its way, come and have a look at some of the work we have done with Q3 Academy and Creative Partnerships and better still book a place at one of my CPD introductory sessions!…

oomph logo

Oomph! is a festival of creative exploration which will take place throughout the Black Country, Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire from 9th – 23rd November 2011. See more at http://oomphfestival.wordpress.com/
Richard Allport Artist 2011

A brilliant article from The Design Council…

Is Creative Britain in Reverse?

As the UK government reviews the national curriculum and design technology’s status as a compulsory school subject, the Design & Technology Association, the James Dyson Foundation and industrial designers Seymourpowell have started a campaign to secure the future of design and technology education.

A key part of the campaign is this movie featuring industry experts and leading designers talking about the importance of design education. Contributors include fashion designer Paul Smith, Jaguar design director Ian Callum, Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic, Design Council chief executive David Kester and the founders of Seymourpowell.

Have a look at www.designcouncil.org.uk for more information and links.

Richard Allport Artist 2011

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A quick note about Enhanced CRB clearance…

As there is currently no information about us on the Easy Art Pro homepage regarding Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Diclosure checks and clearance (This will be changing shortly with a website revamp!) I thought it useful for teachers, parents and students alike to be aware that we are Enhanced CRB checked, and hold a ceritifcate that is free for vieweing upon request. We have clean criminal records and have never been investigated or arrested by the Police. 

It goes without saying that the safety and security of children of all ages and adults too needs the attention it rightly deserves. We are currently talking to local community services including the Police force about working with them to develop better understanding and awareness about issues such as gun and knife crime, bullying, cyber bullying and community safety within schools.

I hope this gives any teachers or parents who may have previously not known of or met us the peace of mind that comes with an Enhanced CRB clearance.

Many thanks

Richard Allport 2011

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If you’re involved with Early Years and Primary education, we’d like to hear from you!

We are currently undergoing an extensive research period with local Early Years Education providers, Schools and Teachers to attempt to identify in which areas they may need additional support or information.

We think that the early years of children’s learning are vital for them develop happy and fulfilling lives as they grow. Creative use of their imaginations and the development of inventive, constructive thinking as well as Nurture and behavioural issues are at the forefront of our agenda.

So if you are reading this because you have recently been contacted by us and want to know more about our ethos, or what we’ve been up to recently in the schools creative arenas then please feel free to have a look around the site.

Our focus to date has been mainly but not exclusively on Keystages 3 and 4 with special attention aimed at Creative thinking and increasing IT based skills. We are now looking to take our experience, feedback from over a year’s worth of in school creative workshops, and fresh ideas and thoughts from teachers and people involved with early years and primary education, to develop modules and teaching aids for younger children.

We hope you find our site and ideas interesting and if you have any questions please feel to contact us by email or phone.

Richard Allport Artist 2011

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Easy Art Pro’s creativity goes corporate

Richard Allport Corporate

After recent discussions with several large corporate UK Brand Leaders, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Easy Art Pro Corporate Creative Services branch of our business.

In addition to us recently establishing an office in the USA working along side the existing one in the UK, we are finding the way our portfolio of services on offer is expanding exciting.

The corporate wing of the company will assist traditional business, from small to multi-nationals, via workshops, seminars and lectures to creatively enhance their USP development, marketing and promotional strategies.

Talks are currently underway with companies in the UK and further developments will be posted here shortly.

Richard Allport Artist 2011

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Stunning Advert for Touchwood Phones…

A beautiful advert for the Touch Wood SH-08C mobile phone from Japanese mobile phone operator NTT Docomo. The ad features a xylophone rendition of  “Joy of Man’s Desiring” by JS Bach, played by a wooden ball rolling down a purpose-built xylophone in the middle of a forest…

The ad was developed at Drill Inc Tokyo, by creative director Morihiro Harano and the xylophone was designed and construced by Kenjiro Matsuo at Invisible Designs Lab, Fukuoka.

Richard Allport Artist 2011

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Please note that neither Easy Art Pro or its associates can validify images streamed from other websites to ours. We link to original footage in good faith, and should any changes in circumstances to that footage occurr we accept no liability for their content, or links suggested from their clips to any other internet page.

Q3’s Qube Theatre gets a taste of strange…..

Richard Allport Q3

Wednesday evening saw the opening of Q3 pupil designed “in animi sonus” music and visual fused installation.

Invited guests were treated to a surreal exploration of students’ emotions, feelings and thoughts on life, expressed through sound-scapes, visual imagery and some bizarre props, all installed in spot lit darkness.

Richard Allport Artist Q3 event

Sarah Mellors, Deputy Head of Q3 Academy commented:

“Never in my time at Q3 Academy have I ever seen anything like this, amazing work! I felt an array of emotions from sadness to joy, amazing maturity to vulnerability. I am overwhelmed!”

Creative Partnerships and Q3 Academy are considering potential plans for a public viewing of the installation next month and repetition of the event annually.

Special thanks go to Miss Burroughs, Miss Mellors and Mr Dawson for their assistance and enthusiasm on this project.

Interesting stuff! Watch this space for more news…

Richard Allport Artist 2011

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Easily the most visually creative band around at the moment!

Watch some of OK GO’s videos here and check out even more online. It’s suprising how much effort people will put into what they do…makes you think and take a look at what you’re doing too!

Richard Allport 2011

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Please note that neither Easy Art Pro or its associates can validify images streamed from other websites to ours. We link to original footage in good faith, and should any changes in circumstances to that footage occurr we accept no liability for their content, or links suggested from their clips to any other internet page.