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Hello and welcome to the homepage of Easy Art Pro!

The Easy Art Pro creative seminars, workshops and training aids support schools, academies, colleges and universities with the highest quality independent creative training for both tutors and students alike.

"Creativity and inspiration are everywhere, you just have to learn how to look"
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Our tutor training events and in house consultancies and lesson planners provide teachers with current, up to date information on how to develop methods and techniques to enhance the creativity and results of their students in art and design based subjects, based on real world knowledge gathered from over two decades of hands-on commercial art industry experience including art direction and design for film, children’s television, theatre, theme park ride, product and computer game design. Our service provides the ideal accompaniment to any existing lesson structure, is suited to any awarding body and runs parallel to the aims and objectives of the national curriculum. We pride ourselves on helping tutors to enhance their existing teaching skills and use a “how to” not “what to” teach approach.

Rachel Burroughs “Richard’s communication skills make creative learning fun and intuitive. The two-day workshop he ran at the Alumwell Business and Enterprise Centre was motivational and inspirational for everyone involved, students and teachers alike.”
Rachel Burroughs- Governor to the Department of Achievement and Learning

“Ideas and forms for designs can come from the most unlikely places!”
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To see more about creative vocational opportunities using Easy Art Pro methods click here

Nick Underwood “The approach and techniques that Richard has refined over his distinguished career, coupled with a refreshingly commercial eye, are a living example to those wishing to meaningfully advance their creativity, or indeed the creativity of others"
Nick Underwood- Governor of Tysoe Primary School. Marketing Director, Open Mind Productions

The Easy Art Pro portfolio offers a large range of services so please browse the full site to see how we can help you on your journey to achieving yours or your student’s creative potential. If you are a tutor at any level we can assist you in the very best, in depth and real world based Personal Professional Career Development, or if your interest lies in your students’ development our range of services gives them the opportunity not only to learn but also:

  • Develop better communication skills
  • Increase their confidence and competence
  • Fully explore the capacity of their imagination
  • Become successful autonomous learners
  • Develop into positive contributing individuals in society and the workplace
  • Develop key vocational skills
  • Develop Critical understanding and the ability to make informed, measured and purposeful creative choices
  • Embrace and explore new and emerging technologies
  • Develop the skills to work individually as well as a member of a team

“Enhance and develop your own and your students creative abilities.”
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Emma Clayton“Richard has a contagious enthusiasm for his work and the kind of rapport with young people that will inspire them. I have no doubt he will draw the best out of the students he works with, and show them that they too could have a successful career in a competitive field”.
Emma Clayton - Carnegie Medal award nominated children’s author

“Creativity in any area is so important in the Educational system for several reasons. Not only does it engage students in using and developing their imaginations, but also and possibly more importantly, it encourages them to think for themselves and intrinsically analyse what they are doing, why, and with what results.

These core skills, even though begun in a creative environment, will serve students well for a lifetime as they broaden their use of them into other areas of their life. Their encouragement toward autonomous and critical thinking is key to developing a well rounded and productive individual, and there is no better place to begin this process than in the safe and nurturing environment of creative based subjects.

Similarly with tutors of all levels of experience, there is so much to learn from the way the “real world” creative industries work that can directly transfer into the classroom environment. It became obvious to me that the career that I’d had, through film special effects, designing children’s television shows to theme park ride and computer game design and Intellectual Property development, had a vast array of transferable skills and information that would be priceless for creative education and professional career development for teachers. After all, teachers spend their time doing what they do best- teaching, and their career by definition is removed from the hands on workplace.

It seemed an easy decision to make to help encourage students and teachers alike through a structured and practical set of courses, lectures, workshops and lesson plans to help combine my experience with people who could benefit from it.” Richard Allport 2008

Bob Keen"Richard's creative skills would be invaluable learning tools for anyone at any stage in their education or looking to enhance their own career"
Bob Keen - Motion picture director, special effects consultant, CEO of Image FX

We look forward to assisting you and your students to learn new skills and expanding your creative horizons! If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us on
07710 500891