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Free Bespoke Institute consultancy

If your learning institution whether a school, academy, college or university is in a period of change, development or growth or is looking for advice on how to maximise its student’s creative output, or tutor’s professional career development or both, the Easy Art Pro Bespoke Institute Consultancy can help you to define where and what to develop and enhance in order to get the very best out of your educational facility, and it’s completely free of charge!

Our consultancies work directly with you and consist of in depth research of your specific requirements taking many factors into consideration, such as location, local population, institute history, aims and objectives, resulting in a fully encompassing report and presentation to your Governors and Heads of Department detailing what in our experience will give you the very best results.

Why do we offer this service with no cost?

We are happy to provide this service free of charge because sometimes the development of a curriculum subject content can take time and be complex to do. The vocational input from real world experience can be invaluable in assisting in this process, and in addition a fresh perspective of where you are now and where you want to go and how to achieve that change can be insightful for everyone involved.

Our no fee policy comes with no strings attached. We are happy to meet with you and discuss your requirements face to face or conduct the process via emails and telephone. We feel that by helping you in an initial free advisory capacity will not only help inform you of what would recommend based on our experience, but also show you the commitment to quality of service we give.

Feel free to get in touch with us on the contact page with any enquiries you may have.