Transition week at Q3 Academy… monsters and 300 centimetre zebras!

Richard Allport Artist Q3 transition week

Until this last transition week at Q3 Academy I have only seen the short term and immediate effects of the Easy Art Pro creative workshops, seeing and hearing the pupil’s and teacher’s responses to new ways of creative thinking on the day itself or at the end of a set period of time, and as much as the responses have been brilliant, enthusiastic and rewarding, this previous week has seen me repeatedly picking my jaw up of the floor!

When you experience even the smallest part of the creative nurturing process, as I have been given the privilege to do by several Sandwell schools, you can’t help but hope that the motivation and inspiration you try to provoke within pupils will stay with them beyond a particular workshop or creative talk.

The transition week saw many of the pupils from the local Sandwell junior schools I have worked with, make the move up to the state of the art Q3 Academy and jump in at the deep end into the high tech education stream.

After many enthusiastic shouts of “Hello Mr Allport!” work began on the week’s activities that included video game design, creature, character and monster design for Q3’s first 3D animated short film and the creation of a gigantic image of zebras drinking at a lake composing of eighty individual pieces of students work!

To say that there was a distinction between students I had worked with before at Junior schools, and those I hadn’t, would be an understatement! The Easy Art Pro creative “domino learning” effect was clearly in action, with students who have experienced previous workshops eating up the creative tasks with ease! Even though most of the other pupils coped very well with what they were challenged to do, the workshop savvy pupils seemed (and probably were) already ahead of the competition.

One pupil remarked, “Mr Allport this is easy! We already know how to do all this!” I simply nodded and put my “Shhh” finger up across my lips with a smile.

Moments like this massively validate the notion of nurturing creativity at an early age and stand testament not to underestimate its value. I personally felt proud of the pupils I watched, not because of my influence on them, but at their inner motivation to try, think and succeed. For any of the school’s heads or teachers I have worked with who are wondering how their students are fitting in with their new school, I can tell you now you have nothing to worry about!

To any schools, teachers or heads reading this post who have not thus far worked with the Easy Art Pro methods of creative learning I can only suggest that as the summer holidays are upon us Easy Art Pro workshops begin again in September and early bookings are recommended!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Australia Monster update

Richard Allport Australia development

Just a couple of additional images en-route to the Australia monster sculpture. Firstly an orthographic projection of the front view image to measure up for the profile shape.

Then some colour variations. Even though the sculpture isn’t even begun yet it can be useful to get a clearer feel of the character you’re going to make or design by thinking about colouring, characterisation and mood.

Richard Allport 2010,,

Something from “nothing”…

On many occasions people have asked me to publish some  of the images of school buildings that I’ve turned into monsters, well here you go…see if you can spot the visual cues that translate into the final designs. Top to bottom- Yew Tree School, Whitecrest School, St. Margarets School and All Saints School.

Richard Allport school to monster

To help you along, here’s a monster designed from the map of Australia for a special Australia themed educational day, done backwards so you can see where the imagery comes from. Enjoy!

Richard Allport Australia to Monster

Richard Allport 2010,,

Cartoon Crocodiles rear their heads!

Richard Allport croc class 02

The “Create a Crazy Cartoon Crocodile” Australia themed workshops slithered into action at two Sandwell schools this week with brilliant results!

Pupils at Whitecrest and St Margarets School flexed their imaginations to create designs for two imaginary twelve feet long scaled monsters using collage, paint, traditional drawing and a healthy dose of creativity.

Students at each school were shown a presentation about how they could use their creative abilities in a new and imaginative way, and then worked in teams to make sections of the creature that all finally fitted together end to end.

Their brilliant use of materials and enthusiasm to create were amazing to watch and teachers at both schools made comment about how well the day’s events had gone.

Richard Allport croc class 01

The day was part of the International Business Enterprise Week. “The workshops were a great success, I’m very pleased with what we’ve achieved!” said Peter Corley from the Sandwell Education Business Partnership who organised the weeklong schedule of activities with partners the West Midlands Co-op and Q3 Academy.

Additional thanks go to Head Teachers Jayne Stackhouse and Linda Deeley and their supporting staff for their help and hospitality.

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Things are about to go upside down!


Preparations are nearly finished for the Australia themed day shorty arriving at two Sandwell schools. The workshop should contain lots off odd “upside down” moments and a fury of activity in the competition stages.

Check back here soon to see photographs of the day’s results!

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