The New World of School Leadership Conference

An inspiring and information packed Conference held at the Copthorne Hotel this Thursday and easily one of the most  Educationally Creative days I’ve ever attended!

Many thanks to Noel Dunne at Creative Alliance ( for “squeezing” me in at the 11th hour, and a huge thank you for all the organisers involved at the hotel and with The New World of School Leadership event itself.

Brilliant discussions presented by Professor Mick Waters, Charles Leadbeater and Paul Collard (Creativity, Culture and Education, NGO) made the day such a great event!

I hope that the attending School Heads had the “light-bulb” moments go on in the way some of us Industry Practitioners did.

Richard Allport Artist 2012,

Easy Art Pro Creativity Break interviews…

Richard Allport eap creativity breaks

Easy Art Pro introduces a new and informative series of short interviews with people from within education and also outside in real world creative roles, who all have an interest and passion for developing creativity within others.

“The Easy Art Pro Creativity Break” interviews are snippets out of people’s busy schedules and answers to questions on their thoughts about all things educational and creative regarding their particular role or career path.

Each is a free downloadable PDF document and as more are done they will be added to in this news section on a regular basis.

Click here to download the first Creativity break interview with Bob Keen.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don’t already have it. Its free and very quick to install on your computer.

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Bob Keen and 35 years in film

Richard Allport Artist Bob Keen films

After several enquiries from teachers and students about Bob Keen’s new involvement in Easy Art Pro, and interest in his work history, I thought I’d post a selection of film posters from his illustrious career.

His pedigree and prestige on these feature film releases is a clear indication of his abilities and standing within the industry and as an international creator and innovator. 

Richard Allport 2010,,

The superb EBP Work Related Learning day at Himley Hall.

Richard Allport Artist Himley Hall

A great day was had by all this week who attended the EBP’s training and information day at the stunning Himley Hall estate.

The day’s activities were brilliantly organised by the EBP team and filled with informative and useful information that you could immediately apply to your working or teaching practice!

Main EBP organiser, Peter Corley, led a packed day of events that included information about new saving schemes for students to lure them away from the perilous “Pay back weekly” (At huge interest!) trap and into a more sympathetic and realistic financial start up.

Other presentations were also given by schools demonstrating how they have incorporated enterprise into their lesson structures with brilliant results, and an in depth talk about efficiency in working practice.

All in all a superb day and many thanks to Peter who let me overtake half of reception with my display stands within the “Market Place” area!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Easy Art Pro Training Aid’s launch.

 Richard Allport long queue

Next term will see the much anticipated and enquired about “Easy Art Pro Training Aid 10xDVD Boxed Set”!

The Easy Art Pro workshops, seminars and CPD sessions continue to be a great success, and the training aid DVD’s will be the ideal support and continuation from the real world starting points, taking teachers and pupils step by step over the whole spectrum of creativity from a blank page to a finished image or design and every conceivable stage in between!

The set comes complete with two DVD’s dedicated solely to the basic and advanced use of Adobe Photoshop Elements, its capabilities, tips, tricks, techniques and industry insider methods of its use, something many schools, teachers and students alike have been enquiring about for many months.

We are currently in talks about the Easy Art Pro methods becoming an established element of the national and even international curriculum, something needless to say we are very excited about!

No pre orders are currently being taken for the new 10 DVD release, but dates of its availability will be announced here when they are confirmed.

Check back here for further updates!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Brilliant article about creativity on Teacher’s TV

Richard Allport teachers TV

An inspiring example of how creativity can truly change the way children learn a whole host of subjects. If you have the time watch it all!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Ferndale Schools’ teachers plug into the Photoshop matrix!

Richard Allport Ferndale Lecture

Around 70 teachers were introduced to the joys of Photoshop and a Wacom graphics tablet today at Ferndale School.

Nigel Edge, school head (I think I may have stolen his parking space) sat in on the lecture and was very encouraged by the results that the teachers come “pupils for the day” created.

It was an interesting change of audience from my point of view too having talked to a few thousand pupils to date; a room of 70 teachers was a bit of an unknown quantity to say the least!  One noticeable difference was the their reluctance to play “Lets all be quiet!” and their lack of fear to my threats of detention!

All in all a great session, and many thanks go out to the IT team who had the nightmare of setting the whole tech side up and then de-rigging it all after. Much appreciated!

I look forward to the coming creativity workshops at Ferndale in this and the following academic terms.

Richard Allport 2010,,

Q3 Academy opens its new doors!

Richard Allport Q3 opens

“Hundreds of students in Great Barr moved into a £30 million school building this week following its official unveiling. Q3 Academy, in Wilderness Lane, moved from its former Dartmouth High School home into the new build last Friday, with the former trade and Investment Minister, Lord Digby Jones, hosting a business breakfast with friends of the school and business leaders.

On Monday, 1100 students discovered the school’s new facilities which include a 3D cinema screen, a performing arts theatre, computer suite and foyer area. School Principal Caroline Badyal said: “Q3 is about raising aspirations and ensuring that every young person who leaves the academy is appropriately skilled and able to enjoy a happy and successful life. I am therefore delighted that Lord Digby Jones continues to be a friend and supporter of Q3 Academy.”

Pictured above: Q3 Academy’s principal Caroline Badyal welcomes students to the school’s new home this week, which includes a naturally lit foyer area.”

Richard Allport 2010,,

Q3 Academy’s Young Enterprise Team’s first board meeting.

Richard Allport young enterprise

The young enterprise team at Q3 Academy had their first “official” board meeting today with shockingly brilliant results!

Ideas and themes flowed out in a non-stop stream of inspiration which was very encouraging for future developments, and by the end of the two hour meeting and brainstorm they had made executive decisions to go with one project idea in particular.

The project details are being kept secret at the moment but it’s enough to say it will be something that everyone in Education will be especially interested in!

Watch this space and check back here soon for more details.

The Enterprise team left to right are Harjinder Lallie, Jonathan Kibbler, Gemma Lockley, Samantha Pearce, Daljinder Purewal and Christopher Warville .

Richard Allport 2010,,

Q3 Academy’s Rosina Webb finally gets her creativity certificate…!

Richard Allport Certificate

After much coaxing (and pulling away from her hair dye collection), we finally got to give Rosina Webb her certificate for Creative Achievement in the “Searching for Creativity Project”. After convincing her that the other pupils deserved to be in the photograph too she gave in and allowed us to take this picture with the whole class in it. Thanks Ribena!

Richard Allport 2010,,