Sometimes genius is quiet!

I posted a while ago about the video for the track “White Knuckles”  by group OK GO. Have a look at the making of clip below the video underneath, it just goes to show how many people and how much effort go into realising creative ideas!

(The video that was finally broadcast was ultimately captured on camera in one take after several weeks of rehearsal, the footage of the take starts around 6:30 into the clip)

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Q3 Academy is tight lipped about new project…

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We are currently in confidential negotiations with the newly opened £30 million Q3 Academy about possibly one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever been involved in!

We are having to keep tight lipped about the multi discipline and multi media based “experience” which is planned to be developed and produced over the coming months.

All we can say at the moment without Q3’s men in suits and dark glasses paying us a visit is that it will be one of the most innovative and adventurous cross curriculum creations developed by any school we know of, pooling the combined technical and creative know how of several departments.

Learning consultant for Music Zara Burroughs said, “This is the most innovative project that I have seen developed by any school or academy, it will blow peoples’ minds!”

Watch this space for further news…

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