Sometimes genius is quiet!

I posted a while ago about the video for the track “White Knuckles”  by group OK GO. Have a look at the making of clip below the video underneath, it just goes to show how many people and how much effort go into realising creative ideas!

(The video that was finally broadcast was ultimately captured on camera in one take after several weeks of rehearsal, the footage of the take starts around 6:30 into the clip)

Richard Allport 2011,

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Moseley School’s Film poster design winners…

darth-vader-face dance to survive

A quick post amidst the chaos of DVD development…a recent brilliant workshop at Moseley School in Birmingham produced ideas for re-theming a film poster or designing your own. Two winners were chosen and their poster ideas are here for your lookage! (Notice the blood on Vader’s face is in the shape of two Jedi fighting!)


Richard Allport 2010,,

Bob Keen and 35 years in film

Richard Allport Artist Bob Keen films

After several enquiries from teachers and students about Bob Keen’s new involvement in Easy Art Pro, and interest in his work history, I thought I’d post a selection of film posters from his illustrious career.

His pedigree and prestige on these feature film releases is a clear indication of his abilities and standing within the industry and as an international creator and innovator. 

Richard Allport 2010,,

E.M.A Models


Just a quick note on the back of my receiving my clear hemispheres from EMA models today, for the Australia monster’s eyes (See below), to say what a great company they are. Most of my time in the film industry was spent making things from their brilliant range of creative model making products. The people there are very nice too and ship your order very fast!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Just picked my jaw up off the floor…

…after watching “Nuit Blanche” a phenomenal short film made by Spy films!!!!!!!!!!!


To totally scramble your technical mind watch the making of below…then go and have a lie down!


Richard Allport 2010,,

Strange how your days work out!

Richard Allport head cast

Ring ring…

Rich: Hello

Andy: Hi…it’s Andy, could you come over to Bentley Chemicals and cover my head in rubber?

Rich: Ok! Now?

Andy: Yes please, I want a head cast of myself to sculpt on!

Rich: No problem, see you in a bit…

A fun few hours at Bentley Chemicals doing a head cast of Andy Brown using body double and 4420 silicone! Many thanks to Emma Clayton for helping out and taking loads of snaps and Rob Price for letting us use his workshop and picking his brain!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Richard Allport in Bentley Chemical’s featurette.

Richard Allport Bentley Chemicals Feature

This month’s Bentley Chemical’s newsletter features an article on Richard Allport and his use of their amazing range of materials in making his Goblin Head for his schools lecture tour.

Check out Bentley Chemical’s services here:

Many thanks again to all the Bentley team especially Rob Price.

Richard Allport 2010,,

Making a silicone creature head explained…

head in stages Richard Allport

Following enquiries about how the goblin head was made in the gallery section I’m posting some making of pictures showing the process involved.

Firstly for sculpting I use Plastiline, basically a professional grade plasticine which melts when warmed up instead of going dry and crumbling. This allows for the use of a heat gun and sculpting tools to be used to create the form and also allows the sculpture to be left out in the open air without drying out.

Image 1 shows the form being roughed in blobs of plastiline, based on the artwork ideas generated before (See Gallery). Shot 2 shows the slow refinement of those blobs into features and begins to give the overall head a facial expression. Shots 3 and 4 show the further refinement of this process adding eyelids, tear ducts and baggy skin where required.

Shots 5 and 6 show the refinement further of this process including the addition of horns and ears, and the blocking off of the area behind the lips to create a mouth “void” where the teeth will eventually go. Shot 7 shows the final sculpture ready for moulding.

Shot 8 shows the deconstruction of the piece ready to be moulded and the removal of the horns which will be attached to the fibreglass underskull later. Shot 9 shows the first layers of silicone being applied to create a flexible mould. The moulding process has been left out from this post as it would fill a few pages (If you require any information on this process please feel free to get in touch).

Shot 10 shows the cast silicone skin which has been painted using base transparent silicone mixed with pigment and applied in thin washes to build up colours and tones. The hair has been punched in hair by hair and the eyebrow is being set into place with hair mousse. Pinning the hair down with a fabric strip keeps it in the desired shape/ curve. To the right is the fibreglass underskull with horns attached and hand sculpted teeth made from Milliput positioned to fit in place under the silicone skin mouth area.

Shot 11 shows the almost complete finished head save for a little bit more tweaking of the right eyebrow which needed resetting.

The materials used were supplied by Bentley Chemicals ( in Kidderminster who deliver nationally and internationally. They are an amazing bunch of guys with incredible technical knowledge of their range and the patience to talk you through any areas of uncertainty you may have if you are new to making special effects monsters or creatures.

I hope this breakdown has helped. More info will be available in Bentley Chemical’s newsletter, which includes a feature on the making of this head which I will post a link to shortly on its release.

Materials breakdown.

Skin– Smooth on “Dragon Skin” mixed with silicone pigments and flocking powder. Eyes and horns– Smooth on “Fast Cast” liquid plastic. Eyes painted with acrylic paint and given dozens of coats of lacquer. Teeth– Hand made from Milliput epoxy ( Hair– Real human hair from any beauty suppliers. Underskull– Isopon P40 car filler fibre glass paste.

Richard Allport 2009,,

District 9 out on DVD

district-9-Richard Allport

If you didn’t see it at the cinema shame on you go hire it, if you did well done and hire it again!!!

Don’t buy it though, wait for the flashy Director’s cut/Extras DVD to come out.

Brilliant truly original stuff!!!

Richard Allport 2009,,