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Transition week at Q3 Academy… monsters and 300 centimetre zebras!

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Richard Allport Artist Q3 transition week

Until this last transition week at Q3 Academy I have only seen the short term and immediate effects of the Easy Art Pro creative workshops, seeing and hearing the pupil’s and teacher’s responses to new ways of creative thinking on the day itself or at the end of a set period of time, and as much as the responses have been brilliant, enthusiastic and rewarding, this previous week has seen me repeatedly picking my jaw up of the floor!

When you experience even the smallest part of the creative nurturing process, as I have been given the privilege to do by several Sandwell schools, you can’t help but hope that the motivation and inspiration you try to provoke within pupils will stay with them beyond a particular workshop or creative talk.

The transition week saw many of the pupils from the local Sandwell junior schools I have worked with, make the move up to the state of the art Q3 Academy and jump in at the deep end into the high tech education stream.

After many enthusiastic shouts of “Hello Mr Allport!” work began on the week’s activities that included video game design, creature, character and monster design for Q3’s first 3D animated short film and the creation of a gigantic image of zebras drinking at a lake composing of eighty individual pieces of students work!

To say that there was a distinction between students I had worked with before at Junior schools, and those I hadn’t, would be an understatement! The Easy Art Pro creative “domino learning” effect was clearly in action, with students who have experienced previous workshops eating up the creative tasks with ease! Even though most of the other pupils coped very well with what they were challenged to do, the workshop savvy pupils seemed (and probably were) already ahead of the competition.

One pupil remarked, “Mr Allport this is easy! We already know how to do all this!” I simply nodded and put my “Shhh” finger up across my lips with a smile.

Moments like this massively validate the notion of nurturing creativity at an early age and stand testament not to underestimate its value. I personally felt proud of the pupils I watched, not because of my influence on them, but at their inner motivation to try, think and succeed. For any of the school’s heads or teachers I have worked with who are wondering how their students are fitting in with their new school, I can tell you now you have nothing to worry about!

To any schools, teachers or heads reading this post who have not thus far worked with the Easy Art Pro methods of creative learning I can only suggest that as the summer holidays are upon us Easy Art Pro workshops begin again in September and early bookings are recommended!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Ferndale School’s winning dragons!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

 A quick post to show you the winning dragon designs from Ferndale School’s “Design me a Dragon” workshops. Many thanks go to Sue Petrie and Bernie Offerdal for their assistance and participation on the days!

Richard Allport design me a dragon2

Richard Allport dragon winner 2

Richard Allport 2010,,

“Design me a Dragon” swoops into Ferndale School!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Richard Allport Design me a Dragon logo

Last week saw two days of claws, scales and teeth as students experienced the first official Design me a Dragon workshop!

The two classes took their ideas and realised them as designs by using Adobe Photoshop Elements and Wacom Graphics tablets to great effect, distorting their own features to turn themselves into mythical snarling creatures of every shape and description imaginable.

The results were nothing short of brilliant and a huge thanks goes out to the teachers involved and the amazing IT support (how many wires can one person keep track of!) and especially the Head, Nigel Edge, for his commitment to developing creativity within the school’s students and teachers alike.

Images from the two winning pupils will be posted soon!

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Ferndale Schools’ teachers plug into the Photoshop matrix!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Richard Allport Ferndale Lecture

Around 70 teachers were introduced to the joys of Photoshop and a Wacom graphics tablet today at Ferndale School.

Nigel Edge, school head (I think I may have stolen his parking space) sat in on the lecture and was very encouraged by the results that the teachers come “pupils for the day” created.

It was an interesting change of audience from my point of view too having talked to a few thousand pupils to date; a room of 70 teachers was a bit of an unknown quantity to say the least!  One noticeable difference was the their reluctance to play “Lets all be quiet!” and their lack of fear to my threats of detention!

All in all a great session, and many thanks go out to the IT team who had the nightmare of setting the whole tech side up and then de-rigging it all after. Much appreciated!

I look forward to the coming creativity workshops at Ferndale in this and the following academic terms.

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