Design me a Dragon animatronic puppet develops…

Richard Allport Design me a Dragon dev

If you’ve noticed things have been quiet for a while in this news section, its partly because sculpting 2000 scales takes a bit of time!

The 4-foot Dragon head for next term’s workshops has gone from a simple mock up through to finished sculpture ready for moulding.

Shown above is the head and neck in stages of sculptural development, and when cast will have mechanics to make its eyelids blink, nostrils sniff and ears twitch in addition to it gurgling smoke and spitting 5-foot jets of fire from its mouth!

Check back here for continuing progress!

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Ferndale School’s winning dragons!

 A quick post to show you the winning dragon designs from Ferndale School’s “Design me a Dragon” workshops. Many thanks go to Sue Petrie and Bernie Offerdal for their assistance and participation on the days!

Richard Allport design me a dragon2

Richard Allport dragon winner 2

Richard Allport 2010,,

“Design me a Dragon” swoops into Ferndale School!

Richard Allport Design me a Dragon logo

Last week saw two days of claws, scales and teeth as students experienced the first official Design me a Dragon workshop!

The two classes took their ideas and realised them as designs by using Adobe Photoshop Elements and Wacom Graphics tablets to great effect, distorting their own features to turn themselves into mythical snarling creatures of every shape and description imaginable.

The results were nothing short of brilliant and a huge thanks goes out to the teachers involved and the amazing IT support (how many wires can one person keep track of!) and especially the Head, Nigel Edge, for his commitment to developing creativity within the school’s students and teachers alike.

Images from the two winning pupils will be posted soon!

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“Make me a Monster” grows a tail, claws…..and breathes fire!

Richard Allport dragon sculpt design 

Due to popular demand the “Make me a Monster” workshops have been developed to involve a new element, named suitably enough “Design me a Dragon”.

Richard Allport Design me a Dragon logo

The theme of dragons and mythical creatures is so prevalent amongst many of the schools, and included in their curriculum in other areas such as literacy, that it prompted the addition of a dragon element to the presentations.

The top image shows the first visualisation of a four-foot dragon puppet that will be created to accompany the “Design me a Dragon” workshops. Progress of its creation will be posted in this news section so check back soon to see it take shape bit by bit!

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