Things are about to go upside down!


Preparations are nearly finished for the Australia themed day shorty arriving at two Sandwell schools. The workshop should contain lots off odd “upside down” moments and a fury of activity in the competition stages.

Check back here soon to see photographs of the day’s results!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Q3 Academy’s Young Enterprise Team’s first board meeting.

Richard Allport young enterprise

The young enterprise team at Q3 Academy had their first “official” board meeting today with shockingly brilliant results!

Ideas and themes flowed out in a non-stop stream of inspiration which was very encouraging for future developments, and by the end of the two hour meeting and brainstorm they had made executive decisions to go with one project idea in particular.

The project details are being kept secret at the moment but it’s enough to say it will be something that everyone in Education will be especially interested in!

Watch this space and check back here soon for more details.

The Enterprise team left to right are Harjinder Lallie, Jonathan Kibbler, Gemma Lockley, Samantha Pearce, Daljinder Purewal and Christopher Warville .

Richard Allport 2010,,

Q3 Academy’s Rosina Webb finally gets her creativity certificate…!

Richard Allport Certificate

After much coaxing (and pulling away from her hair dye collection), we finally got to give Rosina Webb her certificate for Creative Achievement in the “Searching for Creativity Project”. After convincing her that the other pupils deserved to be in the photograph too she gave in and allowed us to take this picture with the whole class in it. Thanks Ribena!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Richard Allport becomes Q3 Academy’s Young Enterprise Creative Business Advisor.

Richard Allport young enterprise

It was announced today that Richard Allport has been chosen for the role of Q3 Academy’s Young Enterprise Creative Business Advisor. After discussion with the regional representatives and staff at Q3, Richard met with the team of young creative entrepreneurs and began discussions about the plans for the Nationally staged competition to find the best creative product or service devised, produced, funded and marketed all by the students themselves!

Q3 Academy’s Design lead specialism will give the students a great head start in the weeks to come and should see some creatively original results. Richard Allport will be mentoring the group and assisting them through the creative process along with business advice and tips on presentations and marketing.

More posts to follow as the project progresses.

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