Easy Art Pro welcomes Nick Underwood

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We are happy and excited to now also be working with Nick underwood.

Nick had a successful career in sports marketing up until 1994 when he joined Ragdoll Productions as Head of International Marketing, where he worked on properties such as Rosie & Jim, Tots TV and Teletubbies.

After a period in South Africa and then as CEO of a small UK media plc he joined Open Mind Productions as a Consultant in 2005, and was elevated to the role of Commercial Director in 2007. Nick’s expertise is in putting together creative business models for co-productions and for licensing and merchandising. For over 30 years Nick has been conducting business on a global basis and has been responsible for numerous international brands and ventures during this period.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds with the wealth of experience that Nick brings with him.

Find out more about Open Mind’s productions and history here. www.openmind.co.uk


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