Easy Art Pro goes Photo…

Following on from the continued success of the existing Easy
Art Pro creativity courses, we are now offering a new addition to our lectures/
workshops on the subject of Digital Photography and Image Manipulation.

Each workshop’s contents and length can be bespoke fit to
whatever you would like your students to learn. Workshops can purely be on
photography and image recording or (far more recommended) the enhancement and manipulation of those images to create new, interesting or bizarre results. For
image manipulation talks schools will need a minimum of the current version of
Adobe Photoshop Elements, a free 30 day trial is available from Adobe at this


(Please also check the minimum computer requirements to run
this software, although most schools computer don’t have any problems)

and ideally the purchase of a Wacom graphics tablet and pen,
available at the following link:


Although your approved school’s technical supplier may well
be able to acquire this item for you with schools discount taken from the

A graphics tablet isn’t absolutely necessary for the new
Photography and Image Manipulation talks and many things can be achieved using a mouse, but students using the pen typically end up producing better work, learning faster and buying one for personal use due to the fun they have had
within school!

For more enquiries or to make a booking please contact us on
0771 0500 891 or email us at info@easyartpro.com.

Richard Allport Artist 2012


OOMPH! Festival

The Oomph Festival is on its way, come and have a look at some of the work we have done with Q3 Academy and Creative Partnerships and better still book a place at one of my CPD introductory sessions!…

oomph logo

Oomph! is a festival of creative exploration which will take place throughout the Black Country, Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire from 9th – 23rd November 2011. See more at http://oomphfestival.wordpress.com/
Richard Allport Artist 2011

Amazing maize mazes!!!

Richard Allport giant-maze

(Click image to enlarge and scramble your brain at how big this is!)

I just got off the phone to a friend who told me about these incredible “Maize Mazes”. As the name suggests they’re mazes made from maize! So instead of me waffling on about how they’re created, visit the link below and go pay them a visit!

Click here to visit the official Maize-maze Association website.

Richard Allport 2010

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The superb EBP Work Related Learning day at Himley Hall.

Richard Allport Artist Himley Hall

A great day was had by all this week who attended the EBP’s training and information day at the stunning Himley Hall estate.

The day’s activities were brilliantly organised by the EBP team and filled with informative and useful information that you could immediately apply to your working or teaching practice!

Main EBP organiser, Peter Corley, led a packed day of events that included information about new saving schemes for students to lure them away from the perilous “Pay back weekly” (At huge interest!) trap and into a more sympathetic and realistic financial start up.

Other presentations were also given by schools demonstrating how they have incorporated enterprise into their lesson structures with brilliant results, and an in depth talk about efficiency in working practice.

All in all a superb day and many thanks to Peter who let me overtake half of reception with my display stands within the “Market Place” area!

Richard Allport 2010

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Recent rumblings at Grove Vale School…

Having already turned Grove Vale School into a goblin, comments in a recent meeting “offered” me a mild challenge to “re- find” something in a picture of the school’s new entrance area…

Richard Allport Grove Vale Monster new

Not wanting to disappoint, the image above emerged out of a couple of minutes of starring, see if you can match the bits up from the school to the finished scribble!

In addition, last week saw two workshops and a teacher training session which all went brilliantly! The workshops launched the start of a seven week creative development course for the students, so here’s looking forward to them all being as sucessful as the first ones! Many thanks also to all the teachers attending the CPD session who watched some of the visual “oddness” that the students had already seen. Its always amusing watching adult’s reaction and confusion to things that pupils tend to see through almost immediately!

A special note of thanks to Sally Roberts and Headmaster Andy Leivers for their continuing support and creative commitment. Very inspiring!

Watch this space for more of the student’s progress……and probably teacher’s deepening confusion!!!

Richard Allport 2010

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Just when you think it’s all going downhill…!…???

Magnet? Nope…a brilliant optical illusion! Watch all the clip to see how it works.

(Apologies for the annoying advert!)

Richard Allport 2010

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