Pupil strength or the power of the word “can’t!” ???

Richard Allport Artist power of can't

Combining the power of suggestion with subtle but powerful messages can be an interesting experiment into how people think. It’s surprising the power that repeated negative suggestion can have on pupils, teachers or even members of the public.

As an example, if in a school canteen you spent the best part of an hour subconsciously telling someone that certain things couldn’t be done, but suggesting that that was OK or even a positive thing, the results that you can create can be quite startling!

Nothing could have surprised two pupils at Q3 Academy more recently when for no apparent reason, neither of them could pick a mug up off the table, half filled with water, until they were told they could, then suddenly they lifted it with ease!

This was another example of the recent and ongoing series of unusual happenings at schools around the area. Once again it raises the question, did the actual event really take place as it seemed or was it some sort of manipulation of people’s interpretation…

…again, food for thought, and while you’re thinking, take a quick look at the first letter of every paragraph above to see an example of how subtly messages can be planted in your mind without your awareness.

Richard Allport 2010 

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Bluetooth phones and smoking fingertips???

Richard Allport smoking fingers

Another interesting incident occurring recently at a creative workshop was the bizarre sight of plumes of smoke discharging from the tips of my fingers and thumb as they were placed between two mobile phones, both with bluetooth switched on.

Science has yet to decide whether the radio waves from mobile phones can do any long-term damage to people physically, but it would appear that if placed in a specific position, the combined effect of certain brands of wireless mobile connection can create heat hot enough to produce smoke from skin…or so you would have thought.

Ps: Many thanks for all your messages about anti gravity orange juice theories. Some peoples’ imaginations are truly creative! Ideas about wirelesness technology and its effects are welcomed…

Richard Allport 2010

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Anti gravity orange juice?

Richard Allport anti gravity orange juice

Is it possible to turn a glass of orange juice upside down and not spill any of it? If you were at a Sandwell school recently you would have witnessed the seemingly impossible and had to answer yes!

Pupils and teachers shared dropped jaws as during a creativity workshop a glass of just-sipped orange juice was turned upside down over a pupil’s head. This seemingly impossible act was seen by around twenty people, but it raises the question.. did it really happen?

Incidents like this are regular events at Easy Art Pro workshops and create intriguing questions about how we perceive what we see, hear, read and generally experience. One response and solution, which raised some eyebrows, was that the orange juice didn’t move and the whole room turned upside down along with the people in it!

Interesting idea and either way, real or fake, genuine or con trick, anything that gets people’s brains ticking is a good thing! Food for thought. Let me know what you think…

Richard Allport 2010

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Easy Art Pro prepares to launch it’s misinformation “Con Artist” experiment

Richard Allport misinformation experiment

Read the paragraph below out loud, you may feel a bit silly but you will be amazed at how your brain skips over the jumbled mess and makes total and immediate sense of what you are reading. Don’t try too hard, the more relaxed (and easy to con trol you are the better!)

Richard Allport con artist experiment

It’s amazing how your brain can misinterpret information, or even fill in the blanks where information is missing, misleading, non existent or even totally false! (Read more about the misinformation effect at wikipedia)


 The jumbled text image above is a jaw-dropping example of how incredibly easily we can take what we read or experience and adjust it to suit how our brains work, no matter how non-sensical!

The speed at which we all have to process information these days is faster now than ever and the time we have to do it in is getting smaller constantly, the affects of which are something that I demostrate in schools workshops usually greeted with suprised expressions. The choices we make tend to be hugely influenced by the amount of time we have in which to make them and while this is a factor of modern life it also indicates an area where we need to slow down sometimes and make a broader and more informed conclusion to avoid being manipulated and con troled.

Particularly in the current financial climate, businesses are constantly bidding for all our attention and a lot of them will go to complex and sometimes mind scrambling lengths to influence the direction that we choose to spend our precious time and cash.

Some companies will go to any lengths to affect our decisions to buy products or process information in the way they want us to. Several years ago “Blipverts” or subliminal messages were used in experiments with the general public to see if their decisions could be affected. The Blipverts themselves were tiny one frame images that contained information suggesting we buy more popcorn or a particular soft drink, that were dropped almost invisibly into other regular programmes. It was ultimately decided that this kind of subliminal information was too unfair on the consumer and shortly after use of the “Blipvert” was banned.

It’s a classic old school con artist trick to bombard the onlooker with so much information that their subconscious becomes con fused, information con tradicts and questions our current beliefs and we can end up not knowing quite what to make of what we are presented with, especially in the area of sales and promotion and Television adverts.

We can also take advantage of this knowledge should we choose to and turn it around to serve us also in the design work we do ourselves!

After a recent enquiry by a student asking “Is that really Jabba the Hutt?” with a look of extreme disbelief on his face(See Bob Keen joins Easy Art Pro post) and as an example of how all of us can be con trolled and have our belief systems questioned, I’m starting an experiment using myself as a guinea pig, aptly named “Con Artist” with several schools and academies within the region to test the student’s and teacher’s powers of intuition, time/ decision management and ease of influence, and I will be posting several articles about me and my activities online ranging in information that is simple to the more complex, both true and false, straight forward to the bizarre and extreme, to see just how gullible we can all be!

Results from these con trolled studies and data on opinions formed as a result will be carefully collated and the results posted in the near future. It will be interesting to see how quickly we can all be capable of assimilating mis-information on the spur of the moment. I look forward to you finding any of these “mis-information bites” and letting me know what they made you think or believe!

(Did you know that the word gullible is not listed in the most comprehensive version of the Oxford English Dictionary! True!)

Richard Allport 2010

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Brilliance emerges amongst Grove Vale’s scribbles!

Richard Allport Grove Vale scribbles

Today saw the second sessions of the seven-week creativity workshop course at Grove Vale School.

Once again, true to form the pupils took to the ideas like ducks to water and quickly created all sorts of imagery from basic random scribbles.

The scribble technique is a commonly used method to generate randomness in designs and art and it’s surprising how many different shapes, objects, animals and faces you can spot in a mess of wavy lines if you look at them long enough!

The image above took centre stage as one pupil inadvertently doodled Einstein’s theory of mass-energy equivalence….when asked to explain what they were thinking about they commented…

“In physics, mass–energy equivalence is the concept that the mass of a body is a measure of its energy content. In this concept the total internal energy E of a body at rest is equal to the product of its rest mass m and a suitable conversion factor to transform from units of mass to units of energy. If the body is not stationary relative to the observer then account must be made for relativistic effects where m is given by the relativistic mass and E the relativistic energy of the body. Albert Einstein proposed mass–energy equivalence in 1905 in one of his Annus Mirabilis papers entitled “Does the inertia of a body depend upon its energy-content?”

Needless to say we were all quiet for a while!

(Look at the picture upside down!)

Richard Allport 2010

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Just when you think it’s all going downhill…!…???

Magnet? Nope…a brilliant optical illusion! Watch all the clip to see how it works.

(Apologies for the annoying advert!)

Richard Allport 2010

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Christmas book tokens…

Books Richard Allport

Stuck for what book to get with any tokens you may have had for Christmas. You could a lot worse than tickle your creative brain with these gems! “Quirkology” by Richard Wiseman is a fun and interesting look into some of the odder facts in life, its easy to read and a real eye opener! (See previous post of Richard Wiseman’s colour changing card trick!)

Robert Cialdini’s “Influence- The Psycology of Persuasion” is an utterly blinding insight into suggestibility and how we can all be made to think. Deep stuff but well worth the time. You will look at life very differently after finishing this!

Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom’s “Do you think what you think you think?” is a mind bending examination of your own inner thought processes and takes you on a journey that at times makes you wonder if you’re even reading their book….!

Last but not least there’s James Surowiecki’s “Wisdom of Crowds”. A detailed look at the theories behind the idea of the many being smarter than the few. Great stuff!

Richard Allport 2009

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A £3,000 brick on show at an art exhibition has been stolen…

Gavin Turk Richard Allport

A £3,000 brick on show at an art exhibition has been stolen- and replaced with a 40p version.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1234358/Thieves-steal-artists-3-000-brick–replace-40p-version.html#ixzz0ZJYFEmAI

Richard Allport 2009

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