Richard Allport Artist Q&A second round questions…

 Richard Allport Artist round 2 questions

Q1: What are the training DVD’s about specifically?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Because there is only so much you can put into a workshop or even a series of workshops I had always planned to do a large-scale set of DVD tutorials that encapsulated everything I’d learned “on the job” so to speak.

The natural way to do this was as a set of step-by-step guides that demystified the creativity process from beginning to end. When you work long enough in the creative industries you learn that you can use techniques and methods to get very good results very fast, if you know what buttons to press and what gives you the most impact for the level of effort you put in. You can achieve amazing results in a surprisingly short amount of time; all you have to do is have the want to give it a go.

So the DVD set will totally break the creative process down and reform it in a very easy to understand and instinctive way, but also in a new and unique way never presented within the education system before. You don’t even need to be able to draw!

Q2: Do you have a CV or Biog that you can put up on here so people can read what you’ve done?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Yes, give me a couple of days and I’ll upload it in its own post.

Q3: Do you have any new workshops planned? If so can you describe what they’re about?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Yes loads. Without wanting to spoil the surprises there are themes including mythical creatures, how shockingly suggestible we all are, understanding confusion (!) and a crazy one called “How to cheat and lie!”

Q4: Do you provide private tuition for individuals or groups?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Yes absolutely! Each one is bespoke for that person or organisation so if you want any details on this at any level please get in touch directly.

Q5: How is the dragon puppet going and can we see some more development pictures?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Its about to emerge from the moulding process. It had a slight delay due to work commitments and then I had lovely bronchitis! I will post pictures of the silicone skins as they emerge from the moulds soon!

Q6: How many of the new Creativity Break interviews are planned?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Quite a few, it’s taking a while to type them all up in-between doing everything else but several are done and will be posted on here in the near future.

Q7: Can you say more about the weird events that you’ve described happening at schools in several of your posts? My son saw one and hasn’t stopped talking about it since!

A: Richard Allport Artist: Only that if you’re at a local school keep your eyes peeled and don’t blink or you’ll miss them!

Q8: Can you upload any videos of the model making processes you use?

A: Richard Allport Artist: There are several “making of” videos being edited at the moment that will be uploaded to our video channel that you can watch and download for free. Check back soon to check them out!

Q9: Do you work with recommended suppliers of the hardware and software you teach and use?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Yes. We’re currently in talks with the lovely people at PC World about a national deal for schools so we can supply the best hardware and software at the best price and with the best after sales service. More news of this and what decision we come to will follow…

Q 10:  Can you say any more about the potential large project with Q3 Academy mentioned in earlier posts?

A: Richard Allport Artist: ………………………………………….no………….shhh!

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Richard Allport Artist Q&A first round questions

Richard Allport FAQ

Many thanks to everyone who sent in questions regarding Easy Art Pro and the services we offer. Unfortunately we can’t publish answers to all the questions asked, so here are what we thought to be the most relevant or entertaining ten for this round:

Q1: Can anyone draw?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Define draw! Making marks on paper with a pencil that look like something? Yes! Making marks on paper with a pencil that look like something real, well again yes if you go about it the right way. My point in answering this would be that if your focus is on replicating an image or an object you’re looking at, isn’t that less drawing, less creative and more like photocopying?

I personally think that even though direct observation is an important part of art and design and creativity too, it’s not the be all and end all. Not to develop how you think and imagine ideas, and express them through drawing is such a waste, and to that end I think anyone can draw. Drawing is far more about learning to look better than making marks on paper!

Q2: Does anyone else offer the same service as Easy Art Pro?

A: Richard Allport Artist: So far my searching hasn’t found any company or individual that has taken the same amount of multi disciplinary experience and specifically developed it for educational purposes, so no, its only Easy Art Pro that’s doing it. Let me know if you find someone else, I’d be very interested to look at their ideas.

Q3: Could there be regional competitions and/ or after school clubs to extend pupil’s learning?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Absolutely. At the moment we are in a period of heavy negotiations with several organisations and corporations about running national level creativity competitions with huge prizes both for pupils and schools.

We are also talking to schools and educational authorities about extending after schools services for creativity workshops too! We will post more news about this when we can confirm it.

Q4: Is Easy Art Pro designed to be taught more to boys or girls?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Being a boy or girl has no relevance at all, all of our teaching modules are non gender specific. We have found overwhelmingly that girls as well as boys get a great deal of satisfaction from what we show them they are capable of.

Q5: What is your favourite picture or design?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Good question…..but I honestly don’t have one specific favourite. There are hundreds or even thousands of brilliantly creative designs in all areas of life. Picking one would be impossible for me. Sorry!

Q6: Did you ever want to be an Art teacher?

A: Richard Allport Artist: (Laughs) No, not in the traditional sense. My approaches to art and design have been formed through actually doing things in the real world and nothing else could have taught me that. I think all teachers do an amazing and almost impossible job, but for me making barmy monsters was always too much of a passion!

Q7: What was the first thing you ever drew?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Apparantly a teddy bear according to my mother. I don’t think it was particularly good and I would guess my foreshortening and perspective were probably a bit rough back then too!

Q8: How is paint made?

A: Richard Allport Artist: (Laughs again) I have absolutely no idea, but I’m glad it is! Try clicking on the image below to link to Wikipedia’s history of paint explanation

 Richard Allport Paint Wikipedia

Q9: Which do you prefer, drawing with a pencil and paper or on a computer?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Difficult one. Reality versus digital, environmentally friendly versus waste. To be honest I find the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done are real three dimensional sculptures. You can’t beat actually having something tangible after all your efforts, but all methods have their place. Sorry if that’s a bit inconclusive.

Q10: What is the largest thing you’ve ever drawn?

A: Richard Allport Artist: Probably zebras as part of the Art company transition week team at Q3 Academy recently, when we painted eighty separate pieces of paper and assembled them as a huge picture of zebras drinking at a watering hole. The final image was three metres tall and nearly as wide and crammed with detail. Apart from that I have done some scenic backdrops that were quite big too!

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New “Richard Allport Artist Q&A” launches!

Richard Allport Artist confused

Confused or got a question about what Easy Art Pro does or creativity in general?

No problem! because a brand new Easy Art Pro service starts today with the launch of the “Richard Allport Q&A” facility. Up to this point and questions that students, teachers, members of the education authority or even parents have about the services we offer have been somewhat limited to intermittent emails, phone calls or mostly questions on the day of creative workshops or seminars.

From this point any and all questions about anything creative can be fired at the email address and we will answer as many as we can that have relevance, in this news section.

If you want to remain anonymous then please state so in your enquiry and your identity will be kept confidential.

I look forward to filling in any blanks you may have about what we do and our range of services so please feel free to get typing!

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