Easy Art Pro goes Photo…

Following on from the continued success of the existing Easy
Art Pro creativity courses, we are now offering a new addition to our lectures/
workshops on the subject of Digital Photography and Image Manipulation.

Each workshop’s contents and length can be bespoke fit to
whatever you would like your students to learn. Workshops can purely be on
photography and image recording or (far more recommended) the enhancement and manipulation of those images to create new, interesting or bizarre results. For
image manipulation talks schools will need a minimum of the current version of
Adobe Photoshop Elements, a free 30 day trial is available from Adobe at this


(Please also check the minimum computer requirements to run
this software, although most schools computer don’t have any problems)

and ideally the purchase of a Wacom graphics tablet and pen,
available at the following link:


Although your approved school’s technical supplier may well
be able to acquire this item for you with schools discount taken from the

A graphics tablet isn’t absolutely necessary for the new
Photography and Image Manipulation talks and many things can be achieved using a mouse, but students using the pen typically end up producing better work, learning faster and buying one for personal use due to the fun they have had
within school!

For more enquiries or to make a booking please contact us on
0771 0500 891 or email us at info@easyartpro.com.

Richard Allport Artist 2012