A quick note about Enhanced CRB clearance…

As there is currently no information about us on the Easy Art Pro homepage regarding Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Diclosure checks and clearance (This will be changing shortly with a website revamp!) I thought it useful for teachers, parents and students alike to be aware that we are Enhanced CRB checked, and hold a ceritifcate that is free for vieweing upon request. We have clean criminal records and have never been investigated or arrested by the Police. 

It goes without saying that the safety and security of children of all ages and adults too needs the attention it rightly deserves. We are currently talking to local community services including the Police force about working with them to develop better understanding and awareness about issues such as gun and knife crime, bullying, cyber bullying and community safety within schools.

I hope this gives any teachers or parents who may have previously not known of or met us the peace of mind that comes with an Enhanced CRB clearance.

Many thanks

Richard Allport 2011

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