Some more strange stuff for you to look at, jelly being bounced and prodded at 6200 frames per second


Richard Allport Artist 2011

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All done in sunny Brighton!


Our final  bulk editing for the DVD’s ended last week in Brighton, so we’ll be announcing the launch dates for them very soon. We also have some other news concerning our working with local community services, but more of that in another post when things are firmed up better.

For the moment we thought we’d share with you these bizarre shapes developed by Chris Sangwin, check out his site and go buy his book if you like a head scratchin read! (Follow the link to his site)

 Richard Allport Artist 2011,,

Easy Art Pro picture quiz begins…

 Richard Allport Image Quiz 1

This picture was taken recently and looked so strange we thought it fitting to launch a regular quiz to see if anyone can guess what the picture is of. We look forward to receiving your emails to with what your ideas are!

Richard Allport 2010,,

Amazing maize mazes!!!

Richard Allport giant-maze

(Click image to enlarge and scramble your brain at how big this is!)

I just got off the phone to a friend who told me about these incredible “Maize Mazes”. As the name suggests they’re mazes made from maize! So instead of me waffling on about how they’re created, visit the link below and go pay them a visit!

Click here to visit the official Maize-maze Association website.

Richard Allport 2010,,

Pupil strength or the power of the word “can’t!” ???

Richard Allport Artist power of can't

Combining the power of suggestion with subtle but powerful messages can be an interesting experiment into how people think. It’s surprising the power that repeated negative suggestion can have on pupils, teachers or even members of the public.

As an example, if in a school canteen you spent the best part of an hour subconsciously telling someone that certain things couldn’t be done, but suggesting that that was OK or even a positive thing, the results that you can create can be quite startling!

Nothing could have surprised two pupils at Q3 Academy more recently when for no apparent reason, neither of them could pick a mug up off the table, half filled with water, until they were told they could, then suddenly they lifted it with ease!

This was another example of the recent and ongoing series of unusual happenings at schools around the area. Once again it raises the question, did the actual event really take place as it seemed or was it some sort of manipulation of people’s interpretation…

…again, food for thought, and while you’re thinking, take a quick look at the first letter of every paragraph above to see an example of how subtly messages can be planted in your mind without your awareness.

Richard Allport 2010,,

Bluetooth phones and smoking fingertips???

Richard Allport smoking fingers

Another interesting incident occurring recently at a creative workshop was the bizarre sight of plumes of smoke discharging from the tips of my fingers and thumb as they were placed between two mobile phones, both with bluetooth switched on.

Science has yet to decide whether the radio waves from mobile phones can do any long-term damage to people physically, but it would appear that if placed in a specific position, the combined effect of certain brands of wireless mobile connection can create heat hot enough to produce smoke from skin…or so you would have thought.

Ps: Many thanks for all your messages about anti gravity orange juice theories. Some peoples’ imaginations are truly creative! Ideas about wirelesness technology and its effects are welcomed…

Richard Allport 2010,,

Anti gravity orange juice?

Richard Allport anti gravity orange juice

Is it possible to turn a glass of orange juice upside down and not spill any of it? If you were at a Sandwell school recently you would have witnessed the seemingly impossible and had to answer yes!

Pupils and teachers shared dropped jaws as during a creativity workshop a glass of just-sipped orange juice was turned upside down over a pupil’s head. This seemingly impossible act was seen by around twenty people, but it raises the question.. did it really happen?

Incidents like this are regular events at Easy Art Pro workshops and create intriguing questions about how we perceive what we see, hear, read and generally experience. One response and solution, which raised some eyebrows, was that the orange juice didn’t move and the whole room turned upside down along with the people in it!

Interesting idea and either way, real or fake, genuine or con trick, anything that gets people’s brains ticking is a good thing! Food for thought. Let me know what you think…

Richard Allport 2010,,

Chocoholism or just a bit of room left?

Richard Allport Miss Burroughs cakes

Miss Borrows (of a local school!) was spotted out recently breaking the West Midlands record for eating too many deserts (!!!) after a meal.

The Guinness Book of Records organisation is as yet to comment and await her release from accident and emergency.

Paramedics at the scene attempted to talk to Miss Boroughs but were pushed aside by her flailing arms as she scribbled “More chocolate cake!” on nearby napkins!

The manager of the restaurant where she appeared to be celebrating some sort of special event said “I am very shocked, nobody has eaten more than twenty-four slices of chocolate cake before tonight, I’m excited to print the bill out though!”

The image above was taken in a flurry of activity around Miss Burrows table and has not been digitally altered in any way.

Richard Allport 2010,,

Australia Day Monster sculpture prep art…

Richard Allport Australia Monster Design001

After the success of Australia day at two Sandwell schools recently, I was inspired to sculpt the monster that the map shape turned into (See a couple of posts below). Based on this creature here is the first of several images created to allow the process of sculpting the form in 3D to begin. Further posts will show the progress so check back from time to time.

Richard Allport 2010,,