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Another great day at Moseley Secondary School!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

70 pupils took their seats today for a bombardment of new and unusual ways of looking at creativity! My talks are usually a non stop information stream of fresh perspectives, showing people how to draw if they don’t think they can combined with motivational ideas, imagery and ways of looking at the world and design afresh. Today was no exception.

I have presented at Moseley School on several occasions to date, and bumped into some old “victims!” who told me they still used my ideas when the time came to be creative. Very encouraging!

Here’s looking to the spring term time when I’m going back in again, and many thanks once again to all teachers involved!

(Amazing how much attention something as simple as a coke can, can hold!)

Richard Allport Artist,,

Enquiries for 2012 talks

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Many thanks to the Schools who have already asked about talks, workshops and lectures for 2012! Talk about starting early! I will be getting back to you all shortly with available dates. Watch this space for more information!

Richard Allport Artist,