Confidence and Creativity

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I wanted to publish this post for the many people who have asked me about creativity and especially confidence in their own abilities.

During my education I was a prime case for not trusting in my abilities and lacked the confidence to try things. I spent way too much time, quietly locked away in my own thoughts, being bothered about what other people, especially my peer group, would think of me and spent even more time fixated with what would be seen as “cool” to everyone around. I couldn’t have appeared any less cool!

To anyone who knew me at that time, they would never have guessed that like so many children at school, inside my head my thoughts were quietly spinning like a manic hamster in a wheel- trying to figure out how to fit in and how I should act and what I should say.

Pupils have asked if I was so introverted then, how could I now be so confident and present new ideas to large numbers of people and not get nervous?

The answer is quite simple (but frustrating if you can’t it see yourself clearly). Most nervousness in situations like these comes down to self-consciousness and particularly in being bothered of what other people think of you.

Taking ceratin creative risks is a natural progression, although it maybe scary at times you will reap the benefit in the end. Without facing any challenges you can’t make any improvements, you may win or lose but it is all part of the learning curve. Eventually you will realise it doesn’t matter that much what other people think because the reality is they are probably busy thinking exactly the same thing as you about themselves!

We are all trying to figure things out as we go through life. Nobody has a complete picture in their mind.  So take the plunge and try, if you make mistakes along the way you will be all the better for it. Think before you act, but every now and then bite off a little bit more and stretch your “creative comfort zone”. And lets face it at the very worst you will only look like the hamster above and everyone likes him!

Get nibbling!

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Q3 Academy’s Young Enterprise Team’s first board meeting.

Richard Allport young enterprise

The young enterprise team at Q3 Academy had their first “official” board meeting today with shockingly brilliant results!

Ideas and themes flowed out in a non-stop stream of inspiration which was very encouraging for future developments, and by the end of the two hour meeting and brainstorm they had made executive decisions to go with one project idea in particular.

The project details are being kept secret at the moment but it’s enough to say it will be something that everyone in Education will be especially interested in!

Watch this space and check back here soon for more details.

The Enterprise team left to right are Harjinder Lallie, Jonathan Kibbler, Gemma Lockley, Samantha Pearce, Daljinder Purewal and Christopher Warville .

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Richard Allport in Bentley Chemical’s featurette.

Richard Allport Bentley Chemicals Feature

This month’s Bentley Chemical’s newsletter features an article on Richard Allport and his use of their amazing range of materials in making his Goblin Head for his schools lecture tour.

Check out Bentley Chemical’s services here:

Many thanks again to all the Bentley team especially Rob Price.

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Q3 Academy’s Rosina Webb finally gets her creativity certificate…!

Richard Allport Certificate

After much coaxing (and pulling away from her hair dye collection), we finally got to give Rosina Webb her certificate for Creative Achievement in the “Searching for Creativity Project”. After convincing her that the other pupils deserved to be in the photograph too she gave in and allowed us to take this picture with the whole class in it. Thanks Ribena!

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Photoshop Elements 8 FREE 30 day trial

Richard Allport photoshop elements 

It may be of interest to schools not currently using Adobe Photoshop that a free 30 day trial is downloadable at the link below.

Any schools currently booking Easy Art Pro workshops can take advantage of this and fit the trial time around your workshop date.

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Richard Allport becomes Q3 Academy’s Young Enterprise Creative Business Advisor.

Richard Allport young enterprise

It was announced today that Richard Allport has been chosen for the role of Q3 Academy’s Young Enterprise Creative Business Advisor. After discussion with the regional representatives and staff at Q3, Richard met with the team of young creative entrepreneurs and began discussions about the plans for the Nationally staged competition to find the best creative product or service devised, produced, funded and marketed all by the students themselves!

Q3 Academy’s Design lead specialism will give the students a great head start in the weeks to come and should see some creatively original results. Richard Allport will be mentoring the group and assisting them through the creative process along with business advice and tips on presentations and marketing.

More posts to follow as the project progresses.

For more information visit

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Richard Allport Fruitbrush

Due to constant questioning about my other site full of “stupid noises “n” things”, heres the link for you all. Now stop asking!

I thank you!

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EasyArtPro CDrom available…

cd Richard Allport

The Easy Art Pro “Digital Book Presentation” CD is available now!

It gives you a small taster of what can be achieved visually and technically and features “real feel” digital turning pages- ideal for plush e-folios!

If you want one please call or email with your address and we’ll pop one in the post for you!

(Image above created in Photoshop)

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Teachers struggle at student uproar!!!

Bring back Rich Richard Allport

Many heartfelt thank you’s for the flattering comments about my tutorials and lectures by all students!

At present I am incredibly busy organising a nationwide promotion, but I suspect return and follow on visits to be booked in imminently. (So don’t hassle your teachers too much!)

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Danielle Gearing wins Certificate at Q3 Academy

danielle gearing Richard Allport

We managed to drag Q3 Academy’s Danielle Gearing away from Photoshop and her new Japanese style water pictures to present her with her Easy Art Pro Certificate of Excellence in Creative Development for her photography work in the “Searching for Creativity” project.

Everyone in the group produced amazing results from photographs taken of piles of rubbish, but in the end Danielle’s caught our eye most because of its composition and unusual detailing. Many thanks again to Steve Arrandale.

Richard Allport 2010,,