Scalpel, 1 piece of paper and glue

paper cut out Richard Allport

Artist Peter Callesen proves he is a cut above the rest with these dainty models made using glue, a scalpel – and just one sheet of A4 paper.

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I thought the hummingbird was briliant! Minimalism is one thing but minimalism in materials is another.

Richard Allport 2009,,

District 9 out on DVD

district-9-Richard Allport

If you didn’t see it at the cinema shame on you go hire it, if you did well done and hire it again!!!

Don’t buy it though, wait for the flashy Director’s cut/Extras DVD to come out.

Brilliant truly original stuff!!!

Richard Allport 2009,,

Avatar opens…..

Avatar Richard Allport

“Avatar”, James Cameron’s latest 3 hour cinematic offering opened this week. Described by some as “Dances With Wolves” in space, it has stormed into first place in ticket sales notching up an impressive $80 million in its first weekend.

I was surprised to see the odd lack of imagination in the design of the futuristic technology, ships, guns and gadgets- looking like they had just been borrowed from the set of Aliens. I also thought the film ran way too long and was stilted by its muted palette of grey, green and beige……and blue of course.

All in all pretty good stuff with the addition of the brilliant use of 3D technology incorporated in a meaningful way instead of the usual “pointy stick” approach used in so many other films. (The woman sat next to me looked and sounded like Golumn from The Lord of the Rings which was spooky!)

Go see it and decide for yourself!

Richard Allport 2009,,

A £3,000 brick on show at an art exhibition has been stolen…

Gavin Turk Richard Allport

A £3,000 brick on show at an art exhibition has been stolen- and replaced with a 40p version.

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Q3 Academy’s Searching for Creativity Photography results

Photography winner Richard Allport

After also running the same searching for creativity course with the Art Photography group, I chose a special mention of merit for the picture shown above. Danielle Gearing took images using a Cannon Digital SLR of junk and manipulated them in Photoshop through several phases, the final image was intriguing, unusual and packed with bizarre detail. Very cool!

It was hard to choose one image, the other students did some incredible work, but I had to pick one. It was difficult but Danielle’s just wone out.

Danielle will be recieving an Easy Art Pro certificate of creative achievement.

Richard Allport 2009,,

Q3 Academy’s Searching for Creativity Design Winner!

vaccleaner Richard Allport

Over the course of the last ten or so weeks, the design students have been slaving away under my wicked hand……and the final project I set them was to simply come up with an idea for a product that someone would buy. The images wouldn’t be the thing that counted but the ideas themselves, which they would have to present to the class, myself and Mr. Roberts.

After many questions from other pupils about each presentation, there was a democratic vote and the winner was Rosina Webb with her “Home Helping Robot” idea. What was impressive was the level to which she and most of the other students had really thought about the way things would work and the annotations they had spread out over their design sheets.

Rosina’s robot could vacuum into corners on its own and had extendable arms that could clean, cook or even give your shoulders a rub!

The final design was whisked away by me and developed into the final colour rendering above.

Rosina will receive an Easy Art Pro certificate of achievement (and be forced to have her picture taken with it!)

Richard Allport 2009,,

Developing Creativity at Grove Vale School

welcome Richard Allport

Many thanks to Mr. Leivers and Mrs. Roberts for their time last week for what turned out to be a very encouraging meeting. It was obvious that Grove Vale School’s creative ethos was very strong and firmly set in place, as Mr. Leivers outlined his own experiences of school as a pupil and his infectiously positive plans for Grove Vale itself especially in the area of creativity.

I look forward to our plans for creativity workshops at Grove Vale taking place in the New Year and I’m personally very keen for the pupils (and teachers) to see how they can enhance and develop their creative skills with some industry tips and techniques.

A great start and thank you again for your time and enthusiasm for the Easy Art Pro approach and its ethos.

Richard Allport 2009,,