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About Us

Richard Allport is the creative driving force behind the Easy Art Pro seminars and workshops and he brings with him a wealth of multi-discipline experience and expertise garnered from over two decades of commercial art industry experience in various fields including the computer games, children’s television design, feature film special effects, theme park design, toy prototyping and packaging and intellectual property development and branding industries.

Paul Farrer “Richard Allport is a truly amazing visionary. His artwork is inspired and working on projects with him as director is always a delight - he is supportive yet challenging, enthusiastic and driven. Composing music for his TV and film work makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning eager to see how each new scene unwraps, and whatever score I come up he always manages to trump everything by filling the screen with such richly original, startling images and characters.”
                              Paul Farrer - BMI Award winning composer for film and television

His career as an art and animation director has seen him provide creative solutions for clients such as the BBC, the Discovery Channel, Disney and Paramount Films, and his reputation for inspired originality has resulted in projects he has designed receiving international creative awards and industry acclaim.

Rebecca Naina"Richard's originality and creativity are both inspiring and motivating to teachers and students alike. His creativity is infectious!"
Rebecca Naina - Learning support and creative art coordinator- Hamstead Hall School

“Having had the good fortune to work along side so many incredibly talented people throughout my career, designers, animators, composers, children’s authors, editors not to mention the countless other inspirational individuals that have helped me see a project from conception through to completion, I feel honoured to have learned so much from them and their own creativity that I can truly say that without them my career wouldn’t have been the exciting and inspiring journey it has been. I owe them a great deal and thank them for being the truly creative professionals they are!” Richard Allport 2009

Zara Burroughs"As a music teacher I can clearly see the potential for Richard's workshops and lesson ideas to reach across the curriculum into many other subjects especially subjects like music"
Zara Burroughs - Music teacher- Wolverhampton Academy

His passion for the creative arts has resulted in the development of the Easy Art Pro seminars and workshops, with the aim of helping nurture future generations of creative talent within schools, academies, colleges and universities. This, along with bespoke creative one-on-one mentoring, and commercial creative consultancy now occupies him on a fulltime basis.

Skill sets

  • Art and animation direction for 2D, 3D CGI and live action.
  • Traditional and digital illustration and design
  • Design and realisation of characters, creatures, environments, gadgets, sets, props, special effects makeup, costumes, scale models, prototypes, toys.
  • Storyboarding from script
  • Script analysis and breakdown
  • Conceptual art
  • Cartoons
  • Avatar design
  • Image and photographic manipulation
  • Style matching and realisation
  • Texture mapping
  • Prosthetic make up design and creation
  • Maquettes
  • Scale models
  • Sculpture
  • Moldmaking and casting
  • Fine art
  • Project management
  • (Largest team headed- 30 for full length animated feature)

Project Biography

Excludes any projects that still remain under non-disclosure agreements
  • Jack the terror of London (Computer Game/ Art Director)
  • Johnny Bazookatone (Computer Game/ Art Director)
  • Roscoe McQueen (Computer Game/ Concept model maker)
  • Ed Hunter (Computer Game/ Concept artist)
  • Intergalactic Wrestling (Computer Game/ Art Director)
  • The Dojeka Trials (Computer Game/ Art Director)
  • Astro Knights (Computer Game/ TV series/ Art Director/ Concept model maker)
  • The Wheels on the Bus (TV series/ Art Director/ Concept model maker)
  • The Magic Garden (CGI TV series/ Art Director)
  • Sing along Park (CGI TV series/ Art Director)
  • The Music Machine (CGI TV series/ Art Director)
  • The Snow Children (TV series/ Art Director)
  • Shoebox Zoo (CGI TV series/ Conceptual artist)
  • Crispin’s Christmas Crisis (CGI one off Christmas special/ Art Director)
  • Trizone (CGI TV series/ Art Director)
  • Answerland (CGI TV series/ Art Director)
  • Fred’s Bed (CGI TV series/ Art Director)
  • Joot and the Tube City Underworld (CGI TV series/ Art Director)
  • Chutney saves the World (CGI TV series/ Art Director)
  • Event Horizon (Feature Film/ SFX technician)
  • The Jackal (Feature Film/ SFX technician)
  • Greystoke 2 (Feature Film/ SFX technician)
  • Something Eerie (Feature Film/ SFX technician/ Concept artist)
  • Time Machine 2 (Feature Film/ Concept artist)
  • The Lost World (Feature Film/ Concept artist)
  • British Animation Awards (Intro sequence/ Art Director)
  • Sindy the Fairy Princess (CGI Feature Film/ Art Director/ Animation director)
  • Charactershop Uncovered (BBC flagship CGI short/ Art Director/ Animation director/ Concept artist)
  • The Christmas Crystal (Feature Film/ Art Director/ Animation director)
  • Tales of Oak Tree Hollow (CGI TV series/ Art Director/ Animation director)
  • The Mortgage Lender (TV advert / Concept artist)
  • Pallasades Christmas Advert Campaign (TV advert / Concept artist)
  • Friends and Heroes (CGI TV series (TV advert / Concept artist)
  • Night Flight (TV reconstruction / Concept artist)
  • Cineaqua (Theme park attraction / Art Director/ Animation director)
  • Rise of the Footsoldier (Feature Film / SFX technician/ Concept artist)
  • Evolve (CGI TV series/ Concept artist)
  • China from above (CGI TV series/ Concept artist)
  • Draining the oceans (CGI TV series/ Concept artist/ Matte painter)
  • Hocus Pocus Hall (Theme park attraction / Art Director/ Animation director)
  • Tronji (CGI TV series / Animation director)
  • The Odd Jobbers (CGI TV series/ Concept artist).